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You Can Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

As the comedian said, “I hate hospitals. The last time I went into a hospital for the flu, I came out with diabetes.”

Well, I feel the same way about going to the Harley dealer. I went in to have a tire replacement and came out with a broken motor mount, leaky clutch cable, leaky oil pan, and about six other problems that the technician discovered while inspecting the motorcycle.

Better safe than sorry is my motto when it comes to my motorcycle. Don’t take a chance when comes to any repairs.

Where I live, I have a choice of three different Harley shops within riding distance.

The first one is where I actually bought my ’06 Wide Glide. Clean shop, pleasant and helpful employees, and overall, I had a particularly good impression. About six weeks after I bought the bike, I received a recall notice for the handlebars. I took the bike in, and they replaced the handlebars. On the ride home I had to make a hard stop at a red light and as I stopped the handlebars pushed forward until they were horizontal with the ground in front of the fork. Surprised and confused I pulled them back up into place and limped the rest of the way home. The Harley tech had not properly tightened the new handlebars. Not good.

So, the next time I needed service I went to Harley shop number two. Again, clean shop, helpful and pleasant employees it looked good. This shop is in an upscale part of town and over the next few visits, I realized that saving the customers some money was not an exceedingly high priority. However, I did not have money to burn so I was off to shop number three.

Turns out that shop number three was my kind of shop. Clean with pleasant employees and they always took the time to explain the proposed repairs and service. Talking to the other customers while I was waiting for my bike to be repaired, I received nothing but the highest praise for this Harley shop. I have been a satisfied customer ever since.

So, I advise you to shop around. Whether you use an authorized Harley shop or an independent, it’s important to have complete confidence in their skills and repairs.

Motorcycle repair and service is not like buying a pair of shoes and hoping that after you wear them, they will fit. Motorcycle repair and service must be one hundred percent all the time.