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I Love my Motorcycle!

I love my wife (she’s the one), I love my life (I’m a happy guy), but I really, really love my motorcycle.

Every single time I get on my motorcycle I get energized. Even before I start the engine, just rolling it out of the garage, switching on the ignition, and putting it in neutral, gets my juices going. When I hit the ignition and the engine roars to life, it’s like my own engine just started up. I get so excited I must just sit there for a few moments and enjoy the feeling. After I take off and head down the street, I become so immersed in the thrill of riding that I almost feel the motorcycle has become a part of me.

My wife likes to ride with me on the weekends and I kid her about, “You need a destination but all I need is a direction.” The fact is that I don’t even need a direction. I just love to ride. I have been known to ride off to Home Depot to buy couple screws and then end up two hours later in the Sierra foothills riding alongside the American River. I can smell the pine trees and hear the engine roaring right now as I sit here writing this post.

I love everything about riding a motorcycle. I love the leathers. I love my boots. I love stopping for gas and then spending the next 30 minutes talking to another motorcycle rider at the gas pump. What do we talk about? Well, motorcycles of course. The motorcycles we are riding, the motorcycles were used to ride, the motorcycles we want to ride, the motorcycles our friends ride, and we even talk about the motorcycles, that people we never have even heard of, want to ride.

We talk about riding in the rain, we talk about saddlebags, headlights, helmets, and windshields. If the subject is even remotely connected to motorcycles, it is the most interesting and fascinating topic in the world. We interrupt each other because we can’t get enough motorcycle information, out of our mouths, fast enough.

Did I tell you that I really, really love my motorcycle?