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Cleaning Your Motorcycle for Safety’s Sake

Cleaning your motorcycle on a weekly basis will protect and enhance the look of your motorcycle and this cleaning process will force you to perform a detailed inspection to discover any loose parts, nuts and bolts, corrosion, wear and tear and tire condition. Always give your motorcycle a thorough cleaning before performing any detailing on paint, chrome, and Plexiglas. Follow these simple steps to thoroughly clean your motorcycle.

Things You’ll Need

· Garden hose and bucket
· Name brand motorcycle cleaner/detergent
· Soft car wash Mitt
· Nonabrasive cloth (Terry cloth)
· Chamois cloth


1. Prepare a bucket of diluted motorcycle cleaner/detergent, never use laundry detergent. Have this bucket ready before you start the process.

2. Rinse the entire bike using a garden hose. Work from the top of the motorcycle to the bottom of the motorcycle.

3. Wash everything using either a soft car wash Mitt or nonabrasive cloth. Start with the front end and then do one side of the bike and then the other side of the bike. If it’s drying too fast and starting to spot, keep those completed areas wet using the hose.

4. Rinse the entire motorcycle thoroughly making sure to rinse away all the detergent.

5. Dry the bike using a chamois cloth or other nonabrasive cloth. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies completely dry.

6. Take your motorcycle for a short ride to finish drying everything. Don’t forget to be careful because your brakes and pads will still be wet.

Tips & Warnings

· Make sure that your motorcycle (engine) is cool before you start cleaning it.
· Select a location that is in the shade and out of direct sunlight to avoid spotting.
· Never use laundry detergent, it is too abrasive and may damage your paint.
· Do not use any high-pressure nozzles to avoid getting any water pass the seals on your motorcycle.
· After you have washed and dried your motorcycle, it is now ready for detailing (wax, chrome, Plexiglas and tires).