What Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty Cover?

Extended warranties are often seen as an unnecessary expense, but when it comes to owning a Harley Davidson, investing in an extended warranty can be a wise decision. In this article, we will discuss what exactly an extended warranty covers, including common misconceptions about the coverage. Read on to learn more about how a Harley Davidon extended warranty can be a great way to feel confident that your investment is protected in the event of an unexpected breakdown or accident.
What Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty Cover?

1. Introduction to Extended Warranties for Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson offers several Extended Warranty plans to its customers, allowing them to extend the coverage and protection they have when they purchase a bike. This article will explain the benefits of these Extended Warranties and why it’s important to consider taking one out when purchasing a Harley Davidson bike.

Benefits of Extended Warranties

  • Cost-effective protection for your bike
  • Coverage for any unexpected repairs
  • Additional repair coverage included
  • Reduces costs of expensive parts

These unique Extended Warranties offer a variety of coverage options, depending on the customer’s needs. Typically, they extend up to five years from the original purchase date, protecting your bike from any unexpected repairs or costly parts replacements. The coverage also pays for any diagnostic tests and labour involved in repairing the bike, which can help provide further financial protection. Additionally, customers can choose to add additional repair coverage, such as roadside assistance and rental reimbursement, for added coverage and convenience.

1. Introduction to Extended Warranties for Harley Davidson

2. What Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty Cover?

Harley Davidson offers an extended warranty which covers the cost of parts and labor necessary to repair any failure of a covered component that results from a manufacturer defect. It covers most new Harley Davidson motorcycles, parts and accessories for up to 2 additional years, and it may be purchased before or after the expiration of the base warranty.

The areas covered by a Harley Davidson extended warranty can include:

  • Engine components – oil pump, air cleaner, cylinders, crankcase, flywheel and all internal parts, gaskets and seals, starter motor, starter drive, and all other engine components.
  • Transmission – transmission case, all internal parts, synchronizers, bearings, speedometer, gaskets, and seals.
  • Cooling system – fan housing, coolant reservoir, radiators, coolant lines, thermostats, and coolant.
  • Drive system – drive shaft, u-joints and boot, drive sprocket, driveshaft and CV joints.
  • Fuel system – injectors, fuel pump, fuel tank, and carburetor.
  • Suspension – axle, shocks, springs, bushes, stabilizer bar, and upper / lower control arms.
  • Electrical system – starter solenoid relay, switches, ECU, gauges, wiring and electrical components.
  • Exhaust system – exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust manifold.

These are just some of the typical components and systems covered by an extended warranty; however, specific warranties can vary. It is important to review and understand the details of all coverage provided before purchasing.
2. What Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty Cover?

3. Benefits of Investing in a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty

Harley Davidson extended warranties are essential to keep your motorcycle functional and safe over the years. When you invest in a HD extended warranty, you’re ensuring your bike is covered for any repair or service.

Below are the benefits of investing in a HD extended warranty:

  • It covers all mechanical and electrical components
  • It can reduce repair costs as it covers the cost of parts and labor
  • It extends the life of your motorcycle and prevents unexpected breakdowns
  • It includes transportation to return your motorcycle to working condition
  • It protects your bike from potentially costly repairs

With such advantages, an extended warranty helps you to save money, time and prevent aggravation.

3. Benefits of Investing in a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty

4. How to Choose the Right Harley Davidson Extended Warranty

When it comes to motorbikes, buying the right Harley Davidson extended warranty can give you a much needed peace of mind. It helps you cover any unforeseen damages or repairs that may arise during the ownership of the bike. To make sure you make an informed decision, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Understand the Types of Warranty. Depending on the bike you choose, there will be different varieties and packages of extended warranties available. Make sure you research these thoroughly and compare the options available to you.
  • Check the Cost. Always factor in the cost of an extended warranty when you choose a bike. Consider the amount you are willing to pay for the coverage and look around for the best offer.
  • Verify whether the Dealer is Credible. It’s vitally important that you check whether the dealer is trustworthy and reliable. Take some time to read reviews and ask around for references before you make your purchase.
  • Read the Policy document thoroughly. Make sure that you read through the policy document thoroughly and understand all the details, clauses and provisions included in the warranty.

These are some of the key points you need to keep in mind when choosing a Harley Davidson extended warranty. Remember that having an extended warranty on your bike can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your ride.

4. How to Choose the Right Harley Davidson Extended Warranty

5. Common Exclusions on Harley Davidson Extended Warranties

When it comes to warranties for Harley Davidson motorcycles, not all damages are covered under the extended warranty. Be sure to read the fine print of any warranty you consider for purchase to make sure all of your needs/requests are fulfilled. Here are a few of the most common exclusions on the extended warranty:

  • Tires: Most warranty programs do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing tires.
  • Accident Damage: Generally, warranties do not cover expenses due to an accident.
  • Mechanical: Normal wear and tear, as well as mechanical problems that are not due to a defect in the manufacturing, are usually not covered under extended warranties.

Other exclusions that may be included in the warranty terms and conditions are: lack of maintenance, normal maintenance, corrosion, extreme weather conditions, improper installation of parts/accessories, abuse or misuse of the vehicle, modificatons, and inadequate repairs.

6. Cost of a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the . The price may depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • The type of bike you own
  • Your bike’s age
  • The coverage option you select
  • Where you purchase your extended warranty

It’s best to compare the costs of different extended warranty providers in order to find the best deal for your needs. Purchasing a warranty from an extended warranty provider such as Harley-Davidson can be more expensive than from a third-party provider. However, working with a trusted provider such as Harley-Davidson may provide you with the peace of mind and convenience of knowing that you have assistance from a reliable source in case anything were to happen to your bike.

7. Comparing Different Types of Harley Davidson Extended Warranties

Buying a Harley Davidson– or any motorcycle–is about quality and reliability. Buying an extended warranty for your Harley brings peace-of-mind to your road trips and those long-term maintenance needs.

But which extended warranty is best for you? Different warranty programs have different protection, and it’s important to compare the various options to decide what’s best for you.

  • Harley-Davidson+ Warranty: This is an unlimited mile policy that covers parts and labor for nearly any repair for one full year. It’s a good option if you’re a frequent rider with a newer model.
  • Harley-Davidson+ Extended Service Plan: This plan offers coverage up to 4 years and 45,000 miles. This is perfect for those who plan to ride longer distances or for several years.
  • Ridesure Extended Warranty: This warranty can be used at any authorized Harley Davidson dealer. Coverage is customizable and can be as short as one month or up to four years.

No matter which extended warranty plan you choose, you’ll know you’re investing in quality parts and labor to keep your Harley Davidson in top shape for years to come.

8. Frequently Asked Questions about Harley Davidson Extended Warranties

What is an extended warranty for Harley Davidson?

An extended warranty for Harley Davidson is a service contract that covers the cost of repair or replacement of parts, components and labour, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. It usually lasts for a fixed period of time after the original warranty period has expired – usually between 12-36 months. The extended warranty may also include additional perks, such as roadside assistance and other rider benefits.

What do I need to know before buying an extended warranty?

Before buying an extended warranty, it is important to understand what is covered and for how long. Make sure that you know the full terms and conditions of the contract before you get started. Consider what type of coverage you need for your particular model of Harley Davidson. It is also important to research the company that is offering the extended warranty so that you can be sure it is a legitimate business. Here are some of the main things to look for:

  • Type of coverage and length of time
  • The company’s reputation
  • Deductible amount
  • Ability to transfer the warranty
  • Steps to take if there is a claim
  • Costs and fees associated with the extended warranty


Q: What is a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty?
A: A Harley Davidson Extended Warranty is an additional policy that you can purchase for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle that extends the existing manufacturer’s warranty for a longer period of time. The extended warranty usually covers additional components such as the engine, transmission, and electrical systems.

Q: How long does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty cover?
A: The length of coverage offered by a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty varies depending on the plan you choose. Some plans offer coverage for up to three years, while others may offer coverage for up to five years.

Q: Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty cover regular maintenance?
A: No, a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty does not cover regular maintenance such as oil changes or regular check-ups. However, it does cover mechanical, electrical, and structural parts in case of a breakdown or malfunction.

Q: Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty cover towing or roadside assistance?
A: Yes, some Harley Davidson Extended Warranty plans include towing and roadside assistance coverage. Be sure to read the coverage details carefully when selecting a plan to ensure that towing and roadside assistance are included.

Key Takeaways

The Harley Davidson extended warranty provides an additional layer of coverage and peace of mind. Whatever the level of coverage you decide to purchase, you’ll be starting your riding season with the assurance that your Harley is fully covered, so you can focus on what matters most – the ride!

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