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Baby Boomers Ride Again!

A couple of years ago I was at the local Harley shop checking out the new bikes. I was talking to a salesman, an older guy, whose sales technique was very laid back. He was not pushy, just giving me information. Just the kind of salesman that I like.

We were going from bike to bike, and he was telling me about the pros and cons of each different model. When we came to a new Wide Glide, he commented that he has been riding this motorcycle back and forth to work every day for the last week. He explained that the management liked him to test drive the new motorcycles so he would have the first-hand experience.

While we were chatting, he told me that he had been riding motorcycles for the last 45 years. I could tell this guy was the real deal. And he was very current, not stuck in a “knucklehead” or “Panhead” world. (Not that being stuck in a “knucklehead” or “Panhead” world is a dreadful thing, whew!) He was dialed in on EFI (electronic fuel injection) and all the modern technology.

Plans on Riding for Ten More Years

I made a comment that I was unsure of what model to buy because I was unsure how long I would be riding. He asked me what I mean unsure of how long I would be riding? Are you sick or something? I explained that I am 59 years old and who knows how long I’ll even be able to ride a motorcycle. He smiled and told me that he was 61 years old, and he plans on riding for at least 10 more years, maybe longer. He said that riding makes him feel good, makes him feel younger, and just generally spices up his life. He continued to say that he just couldn’t imagine what it would be like not to have a motorcycle.

Now two years later, his words are still stuck in my head. It’s funny how some people will make a lasting impression. Now I’m the one who is 61 years old, and I ride every day. And you know the interesting thing about it, I never even think about how old I am when I am riding. I just jump on and go. I think I become so totally focused on the ride, so immersed in the experience that I just don’t have time to think about how old I am. Nor do I have time to think about bills and taxes and all the other mundane chores of life.

Me Too

I just ride. I think I get the same thrill every time I start the motorcycle that I had when I first started riding. I know someday age is going to catch up with me, in medical problems or maybe plain getting tired. I am sure I will know when that day arrives. But like the salesman back at the Harley shop who plans on riding for at least 10 more years, maybe longer, I plan to do the same.