Sixteen years and 100,000 miles ago I bought a Harley and re-entered the world of motorcycles and I have been having a blast ever since! I also have made every beginner mistake in the book. Wait a minute, what book? There is no beginner mistake book. Well, there is now and I wish I would have had it ten years go. Motorcycle Rider Basics Book I wrote this book so you can cash in on my experiences and save yourself time, money and hassle. Crammed with beginner mistakes, tips, how-to’s and resources, it has what every new or re-entry rider needs to know about riding and gear. It’s got all of the stuff they didn’t tell you about selecting a starter bike, minimizing risk, riding safety, using the ‘friction zone’, going where you look, buying the right gear the first time and many more basic rider topics. It is easy to read, well-organized and laced with a little off-beat humor to make it fun. The single best thing I did when I started riding was to go through the MSF Basic Rider course. The next best thing I could have done would have been buying this book. Reading this book can minimize your learning curve and enable you to start really enjoying your motorcycle today.

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Frank GatesWho in the world is Frank Gates? I am a Vietnam era vet who started working in cable TV in the early 1970’s. I loved it and spent the next thirty years totally immersed in engineering and designing telecommunication networks for major cities in North America. After 9/11, network construction capital dried up and so did my job. I switched gears to “Technical Writer,” bought a Harley, after a thirty year lay off from motorcycles, and haven’t looked back since. I have written a “How To” book about my riding experiences. Publishing this book led to the creation of WordCutter, my small publishing company. You can find me in Sacramento, CA. with my wife Irina, writing or out riding.

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